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The sky turns golden,
The flowers bloom,
The waves in the ocean shimmer, Like the silver of the dune.
Like the fireworks in stars,
In the backdrop of
The turquoise of the night, Ruby opal emerald
My universe comes alive.

Take a step into the world of jewelry collection by Pinctore and your universe will change its colors too. Inspired by natural colors and shades of the earth, sky and sea, our collection features unique, versatile and in-vogue designs that are always relevant to any season and are packed with color.

Take a moment and experience the fantasy colors weave. It will be like watching a kaleidoscope bursting with colors or a rainbow in the blue sky after a monsoon shower. Eye-catching, ornately designed, exotic gemstone jewelry collection will exceed your expectations at every turn with vibrantly colored exotic gem that will shine in sterling silver & gold.

Exotic gems, precious gems, premium white zircons and diamonds are prominently featured throughout the collection, along with sophisticated settings of 18K Gold Vermeil or platinum plated sterling silver. The rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets of Pinctore make for perfect accessories for every day or a night out on the town.

This collection emits a rich, lustrous look and feel of gold for a fraction of the cost. Plated to ample thickness, these designs are radiant, long lasting, and affordable.

This beautiful, sensual amalgamation of nature and fashion is brought alive in necklaces, bracelets, Bangles, Rings and Earrings that can transform any ordinary moment to the one that will reflect your glowing transparent soul.

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