Collection: Bangles - Gold, White Gold & Silver Bangles

Adorn your wrists with a delicate yet intricately designed bangle for a regal look. A fashionable accessory that is perfectly synonymous to elegance and glamour, bangle bracelet firmly clasps to your wrist as the gorgeous arm-candy! Add a subtle charm to your look with the opulent charm bangle or the blushing rose gold bangle. For a classic finish gold bangles and silver bangles are perennial additions while for a more charismatic look opt for modern bangle bracelets. The attractive collection of Pinctore is replete with all styles from the chic diamond bangles to 14k gold bangles.

The sterling silver bangle bracelets by Pinctore make for a dreamy addition to your look. The impeccable bangle charm bracelets seamlessly increase the allure of any outfit. Beautifully crafted, each one of the bangles is a true collectible and make for the beautiful family heirlooms. The bangles are perfect for a present for you or for a special loved one for each piece is an example of finest design.