Collection: Pendant - Casual, Heart, Cross & Designer Pendants

Jewelry is best when it passes down the generations and Pinctore proves to be a treasure cove for pieces meant to be passed down! With a glorious collection of some of the best pendants, the choices are endless. Flash a piece of your heart with the gorgeous heart pendant or a stylish way to channel your inner peace with a tranquil cross pendant, initial pendant is always a rage but if you want to go for a more classic choice then diamond pendant is the timeless bet!

Pendant is the most innocuous way of adding the requisite touch of bling to your outfit. Pendants for women are one of the most essential collectibles. The ubiquitous gold pendant is always in vogue. Complement your look with the myriad of colors or feature a detail of your favorite gemstone with Pinctore’s ruby pendant, emerald pendant or amethyst pendants. No matter what you favor, Pinctore has the stylish statement pendant always on offer.