Collection: Opal Rings - Engagement, Wedding & Eternity Rings

The icy shimmer of opal rings is enough to add the perfect bling to your look for the day. The neutral palette of the opal and diamond engagement rings makes them an ideal choice for a shimmering addition to your daily look. The dazzling beauty of opal rings is enough to enthrall your audience and attract several compliments. The inexorable charm of natural opal rings and the exuding elegance make them an alluring piece of jewelry. The elegance of delicately fabricated opal wedding rings is a mark of celebration for the sacrosanct vows while the beautiful opal engagement rings etch the indelible moments on your finger. The lavishly created opal and diamond engagement rings are a true symbol of excellence at Pinctore while the fire opal ring is a fierce reminder of exuberance and grandeur of the collection.


The princess cut opal ring is a sheer pleasure to the eyes and the cool undertones of the gemstone make it the ideal cut amongst all opal rings for women. With the resplendent collection of Pinctore, beautiful opal rings are certainly the perfect rings for women.