Welcome September- Make some room for Sapphire

Welcome September- Make some room for Sapphire

by Columntribe

Fostering the stature of September as the royal month of the year is the regal birthstone of the month, Sapphire! The beautiful deep blue hued gemstone has been a coveted gem among the elite and royalty equally and some of the most iconic gem pieces are in sapphire including the most famous engagement ring in the world.

Sapphire comes from the mineral specie corundum and is also found in multiple colors including violet, green, yellow, orange, pink, purple, colorless, and some intermediate hues. Sapphire undergoes a series of laborious steps before surfacing in the market. Some sapphires also exhibit a color change property under various degrees of luminescence.

With the desirability quotient of sapphire being so high, Pinctore has a beautiful collection on offer this season. Some of the suggested pieces are as follows:

1. Created Blue Sapphire and Diamond Engagement Ring: The allure of the royal blue sapphire surrounded by diamonds is inescapable. The classic combination always manages to steal the hearts of onlookers and is perfect for a family heirloom. The gorgeous ring is suitable as engagement ring or even as a cocktail ring to flash some bling with a splash of color. The gorgeous cushion of diamonds further enhances the beauty of the center sapphire and makes it stand out in all its blue glory.

2. Blue Sapphire Half Omega Hoop Earrings: Bask in the indulgent beauty of multiple sapphires set in half-omega shape with these hoop earrings. The attraction of these earrings lies in the sparkling hue of the sapphires, which further accentuates the opulence of the unique design. The earrings add a new dimension of magnificence to the ensemble and make you stand out at any party or a cocktail event. The elegant design of these earrings is a testament to finest craftsmanship.

3. Blue Sapphire and Diamond Yellow Gold Ring: The beauty of sapphire is inexplicable and reaches a whole new level with a yellow gold band and surrounding diamonds. Exceptionally beautiful, this ring features the center stone in its entire splendor and is a mark of unparalleled luxury. Furthermore, because of its right balance of colors, this ring effectively complements any look and is a remarkable addition to the owner’s collection.

4. Blue Sapphire and White topaz Pendant with Chain: The beautiful pendant featuring white topaz drop with a series of blue sapphires accentuates the neckline in a very elegant fashion. This necklace is perfect for an office day or a gala evening and is indeed the classic definition of glamor.

5. Dyed Green Sapphire and Chrome Diopside Pendant: The dyed Green Sapphire and Chrome Diopside pendant offers a respite from the blue hued gemstone jewelry to make for a bolder choice. The statement pendant is a glamorous and quintessentially ravishing addition to your overall look. This effortlessly stylish piece of jewelry is a graceful present for all nature lovers.

    With so many lucrative options, get some bling this September and indulge in the beauty of the gorgeous birthstone, Sapphire with Pinctore.

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