Spinel or peridot- which one to go with this August?

Spinel or peridot- which one to go with this August?

 by Columntribe

Pinctore is the leading manufacturer of gemstone jewelry and believes in amalgamating jewelry with occasions and special moments of life. The exquisite craftsmanship and radiant colors echo the forces of nature in their collection. 


Ever since spinel has been added as another birthstone for the month of August, a new debate has been spawned. The dilemma of choosing one over the other is undoubtedly baffling and needs an informed decision to be made.  


Indeed August is a special month. The month of the birth of lions accounts for a dazzling birthday gift and both peridot and spinel fit the bill. Both stones are equally special and make for a fantastic present, particularly during the month of August.


Owing to its rich history and spectacular deep red color, spinel was highly coveted amongst the royalty. Spinel originates in a number of countries including Sri Lanka, Brazil, Cambodia, Kenya, Tanzania, Thailand etc., but the most gorgeous red, orange and pink hued spinels come from Myanmar. Till date, spinel is a favorite with the gemstone collectors because of its variable colors, durability and brilliance. Owing to its deep red and pink color it was often mistaken as ruby, however, spinel is much more reflective than ruby and is extremely brilliant when cut and polished. The versatility of spinel makes it easier to feature in any jewelry style allowing consumers to have an affordable alternative to more expensive gemstones.


With Pinctore, presenting an August baby with spinel jewelry is much more enjoyable and easier. For a modernist and free-spirited individual, Black Spinel Wire Drop earrings or a Black Spinel Cuff Bracelet are great selections, the classic beauty of Black Spinel Round Tennis Bracelet or the timeless elegance of Black Spinel & White Topaz Dangle Earrings are irrevocable. For the most adventurous one, the jungle charisma of Ring or the Platinum and Silver Black Spinel Dolphin Pendant are perfect. For an innovative spin on traditional designs, go for White Topaz and Black Spinel Drop Earrings. Move over black, with Pinctore, spinel jewelry is also available in radiant colors like Pink Spinel Drop & Dangle Earrings, Pink Spinel Cocktail Ring or Lavender Spinel Chandelier Earrings.


August offers yet another choice of gemstone, peridot. Radiant as the glorious rays of sunshine, this green gemstone traces its origin to Egypt but is now available in China, Pakistan and USA. The versatility of the gemstone is evident from its many facets resultant from various cuts. The brilliant green hue of this gemstone looks absolutely ravishing and exuberant. Flaunt the gemstone in its full glory with Pinctore’s Peridot Ring or revel in the imperial splendor of Peridot Halo Engagement Ring.  Confidently augment your glamor with the Peridot Tennis Bracelet or embrace your love with Peridot Mom Pendant or Peridot Heart Pendant.


With both gemstones equally special and equally distinctive, the selection between the two is possible with the incredible solution by Pinctore. A birthstone present is a beautiful way of showcasing your love and a customized present is always more endearing. With the ongoing month of August, the choices are endless especially when the gemstones are as beautiful as peridot and the newly added spinel.


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